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ISBN Author/s Price
30 Minutes to a Better Job! Step-by-step instructions for getting a better job made easy! 978-1-896210-89-6 Don Varner $9.95
A Guerrilla Manual for the Adult College Student: How to go to college (almost) full time in your spare time... and still have time to hold down a job, raise a family, pay the bills, and have some fun! 978-1-55270-048-8 Mike Doolin $34.95
A Raging Gold Bull or a Hibernating Golden Bear? Investment Reality Check 978-1-55270-703-6 Incorporated $19.95
A Street Wise Manager's Guide to Success in the Restaurant Business 978-1-55270-144-7 Matthew Lallo $29.95
Advertising for Beginners: Successful Web and Offline Advertising in the Digital Age 978-1-55270-351-9 Incorporated $24.95
An Introduction to Personal Computers: What You Need to Know to Get Up and Running 978-1-55270-078-5 Stephen Belaire $29.95
Anybody can sell! Sales strategies to increase your business profits 978-1-55270-004-4 Don Varner $18.95
Are You Ready for Information Warfare? Security for Personal Computers, Networks and Telecommunications Systems 978-1-896210-94-0 Gregory J. Petrakis $34.95

Bank Financing for Beginners: How to Borrow Money to Grow Your Business

978-1-55270-459-2 Incorporated $19.99
Basic Beancounting: How to Ape a Professional Bookkeeper 978-1-55270-204-8 T. James Cook, CA $26.95
Becoming Successful! Taking your home-based business to a new level 978-1-896210-87-2 Don Varner $39.95
Benefit from Hypnosis, Hypnosis by Telephone and Self-Hypnosis! How to improve your self-esteem, creativity and performance as well as your spiritual, physical and mental well-being 978-1-55270-050-1 Dr. John R.M. Goyeche $21.95
Be Your Own Boss: Start a Business! How to Hit the Ground Running 978-1-55270-709-8 Incorporated $24.95
Biological Happiness: Nature's secrets for successful living 978-1-55270-024-2 Claude Maranda $48.95
Bitcoin Mania: The Birth of a Worldwide Virtual Currency or the Start of an Insane Bubble? 978-1-55270-209-3 Incorporated $24.95
Bulletproof Salesman: A Lively Guide to Enhance Your Sales Techniques 978-1-55270-209-3 Steven Travis Smith & Bruce D. Seymour $29.95
Business Financing for Beginners: Where to Find Money to Grow Your Dream 978-1-55270-355-7 Incorporated $24.95
Business Planning for Beginners: Find Out How Much Money You Will Need to Run Your Business 978-1-55270-356-4 Incorporated $24.95
Business Planning and Finances  978-1-55270-091-4 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $34.95
Business Relationships - Development and Maintenance 978-1-55270-093-8 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $19.95

Business Start-Up for Beginners: How to Become Your Own Boss

978-1-55270-444-8 Incorporated $19.99
Business Start-up in the Digital Age: Smart Ways to a Successful Launch 978-1-55270-522-3 Incorporated $24.95
Can You Make Money with Your Idea or Invention? 978-0-920847-65-7 Don Lunny $24.95
Checklist for Going into Business 978-0-920847-86-2 Don Lunny $19.95
Cooperative Time Management: Get more done and have more fun! 978-1-896210-86-5 Chance Massaro & Katheryn Allen-Katz $34.95
Corporate Video Production on a Shoestring: Improve Your Communications with Your Customers, Employees and Shareholders 978-1-55270-303-8 Incorporated $24.95
Crowdfunding for Beginners: How to Raise Money for Start-Ups, Early Stage Enterprises, Charities and Non-Profits 978-1-55270-706-7 Incorporated $24.95
Death by Food: Why More People in North America Die By Food Poisoning than Were Murdered in 9/11 978-1-55270-382-3 Iain Williamson $24.95

Desktop Publishing for Beginners: How to Create Great Looking Brochures, Books and Documents

978-1-55270-455-4 Incorporated $19.99

Digital Photography for Beginners: How to Create Great Photos for Fun or Profit

978-1-55270-447-9 Incorporated $17.99
Direct Marketing for Beginners: How to Cut Out the Middleman and Sell Direct to Consumers 978-1-55270-352-6 Incorporated $24.95
eBay Your Own Home-based Business 978-1-55270-329-8 Incorporated $29.95

eBook Publishing for Beginners: How to Make Money Selling Your Digital Books Online

978-1-55270-456-1 Incorporated $19.99
e-Business for Beginners: How to Build a Web Site that Brings in the Dough 978-1-55270-280-2 Incorporated $29.95
Effective Management: Interpersonal Skills That Will Help You Earn the Respect and Commitment of Employees 978-1-896210-99-6 Dave Day $27.95
Enthusiasm Pays! How to use it effectively in your business 978-1-55270-003-7 Don Varner $14.95
Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business 978-1-55270-090-7 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $24.95
Evaluating Franchise Opportunities 978-0-920847-64-0 Don Lunny $19.95

Food Poisoning and Waterborne Illness: How to Prevent 1.8 Million Deaths Every Year

978-1-55270-449-3 Incorporated $19.99
Fundamentals of Effective Online Selling: Use the Power of the Internet to Increase Your Sales 978-1-55270-210-9 Incorporated $29.95
Global Wolves are at the Door: Be the Future or Be History 978-1-55270-254-3 James Bowen $48.95

Gold Investing for Beginners: An Opportunity for Huge Gains or a Bubble About to Burst?

978-1-55270-445-5 Incorporated $19.99
Health Concerns - Live or Die! How to live longer by taking control of your life and your health 978-1-55270-047-1 Robert B. Bates $48.95
Home-Based Business for Beginners: How to Start a Business on a Shoestring from Your Own Home 978-1-55270-353-3 Incorporated $24.95
How to Buy or Sell a Business: Questions You Should Ask and How to Get the Best Price 978-1-896210-98-8 Donald Lunny $24.95
How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service: A Step-by-Step Guide for Every Business 978-1-55270-045-7 Julie Olley $26.95
How to Get a Job (English Edition) 978-0-920847-36-7 Paul Shearstone $14.95
How to Get a Really Great Job! A complete program if you hate your job and don't know how to go about changing it 978-1-896210-90-2 Donald L. Varner $29.95
HOW TO SELL YOURSELF INTO A JOB - Successful Job Hunting Using Sales and Marketing Know-how 978-0-920847-91-6 Dr. Ray Mesluk $29.95
How to Write a Million Dollar Adventure Novel: novel writing as a profitable career 978-1-55270-001-3 Dr. Ray Mesluk $34.95
Inexpensive E-Commerce Solutions for Small & Home-Based Businesses: You don't have to spend a fortune to start selling online! 978-1-55270-118-8 Incorporated $24.95
Inexpensive Ways to Start Your Own Successful Home-Based E-Commerce Business 978-1-55270-203-1 Incorporated $39.95
Innovate or Perish! Seven Step Innovation Process to Meet the Challenges of Globalization 978-1-55270-253-6 Richard Sussman $49.95
Install Your Own E-Commerce Server for Your Home or Business: An Inexpensive Way to Set up Your Own Online Business... 978-1-55270-083-9 Don Artman $39.95
Jump-Start Your New Employees - Get the Most Out of New Hires from their First Day on the Job 978-1-55270-084-6 Julie Olley $12.95
Leadership with Panache: 52 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Dynamic Leader 978-1-55270-081-5 Jeff Jernigan $29.95
Lean Production for the Office: Common Sense Ideas to Help Your Office Continuously Improve 978-1-55270-025-9 Jim Thompson $24.95
Learn UNIX in Fifteen Days 978-1-55270-087-7 Dwight Baer and Paul Davidson $34.95
LEAN PRODUCTION: How to Use the Highly Effective Japanese Concept of Kaizen to Improve Your Efficiency 978-1-896210-42-2 Jim Thompson $24.95
Make it! Market it! Bank it! Over 100 Ways to Start Your Own Home-Based Business 978-1-55270-145-4 Barbara J. Albrecht $24.95
MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN! How to Succeed in Your Own Business 978-1-896210-37-7 Barrie Jackson $29.95
Make Money Selling Your Digital Products Online: How to Create, Advertise and Market eBooks, Streaming Videos and Audio Books 978-1-55270-715-9 Incorporated $24.95
Make Money Trading Options: How to Start Immediately 978-1-55270-148-5 Jason Diptee $24.95
Management During an Economic Crisis: Best Practices for Small Business Survival in a Recession 978-1-55270-384-7 Robert Papes $29.95
Marketing Beyond 2000: Why you will have to use the Internet to market your goods or services in the 21st Century 978-1-896210-66-7 Iain Williamson $27.95
Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Your Products into the Hands of Consumers 978-1-896210-97-1 Iain Williamson $29.95
Marketing on a Piggy Bank Budget: How Small Business Can Compete With "The Big Guys" in the Digital Age 978-155270-792-0 Iain Williamson $39.95
MEETING THE SAMURAI: Two Hundred Power Strategies for Doing Business in Japan 978-1-896210-40-7 Jonathan King $19.95
Modern Materials Management Techniques: SECOND EDITION A Complete Guide.... 978-1-55270-257-4 Paula Mackie $74.95
Money Management - A First Course 978-1-55270-079-2 H.J. Fluke $29.95
Mountains of Sugar, Canyons of Salt, Pools of Fat: Welcome to Your Local Grocery Store! 978-1-55270-712-8 Incorporated $14.95
Part-Time Business for Beginners: Successful Ways to Augment Your Income While Working for Someone Else 978-1-55270-354-0 $24.95
Project Management: Welcome Opportunity or Awesome Burden? 978-1-55270-086-0 Robert G. Edwards $26.95
Protect Your Intellectual Property: An International Guide to Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks 978-1-896210-95-7 Hoyt L. Barber & Robert M. Logan $59.95
Public Speaking for Beginners: How to Communicate Effectively in the Digital Age

978-1-55270-453-3 Incorporated $15.99
Quality in the 21st. Century: What You Have to Change to Stay in Business 978-1-55270-259-8 Jerry W. Wishes $39.95
Quick Fixes for Business Writing: An Eight-Step Editing Process to Find and Correct Common Readability Problems 978-1-55270-252-9 Jim Taylor


Salary Administration 978-1-55270-85-3 Entrepreneurial Business Consultants of Canada $39.95
Savvy Women Entrepreneurs: Twenty-seven different women share the secrets to their business success 978-1-55270-000-6 Kristina Liehr $24.95
Secrets of Successful Advertising and Promotion: Practical Steps to Growing Your Business 978-1-55270-002-0 Don Varner $24.95
Self-Employment for Beginners: How to Create Your Own Job in a Recession 978-1-55270-382-3 Incorporated $24.95
Self-Publishing for Beginners: How to Prepare, Edit, Publish and Market Your Own Print Books and eBooks 978-1-55270-488-2 Incorporated $24.95
Selling by Mail Order and Independence 978-0-920847-24-4 Don Lunny $16.95
Seven Basic Steps to Start-Up Business Success 978-1-55270-360-1 Incorporated $24.95
Seven Sigma: The Pursuit of Perfection 978-1-55270-260-4 Jerry W. Wishes $42.95
She Delivers Steel: Inspiration from a Grandmother who Drove Her Dream to Reality 978-1-896210-92-6 Patricia Prior $24.95
Shoplifting, Security, Curtailing Crime - Inside and Out 978-0-920847-66-4 Don Lunny $29.95
Short Cut to Easy Street: How to Get Money in Your Mailbox Every Day - Plus - Automatic Income for the Rest of Your Life 978-1-55270-057-0 Stephen W. Kenyon $37.95
Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A technician reveals the truth about one-armed bandits 978-1-55270-049-5 Ian B. Williams $24.95
Small Business Finance 978-1-55270-092-1 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $29.95
So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire... 978-1-55270-088-4 James P. Johnson $36.95
Software for Small Business 2011 Edition -  Windows programs to help you improve  efficiency and productivity 978-1-55270-405-9 Iain Williamson $79.95
Speak Up! Helpful Tips for Business People Who Have to Speak in Public 978-1-55270-256-7 T. James Cook, C.A.


Start Your Own Business - Be Your Own Boss: Your Road Map to Independence 978-1-896210-96-4 Iain Williamson


Start Your Own Home-Based Business Using eBay: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started 978-1-55270-250-5 Incorporated $29.95

Steps to Choosing the Right Computer for Your Home or Business: A No-Nonsense Guide Which Cuts through All the Hype

978-1-55270-454-7 Incorporated $17.99
Steps to Opening a Successful Web Store: The Basics of How to Set-Up Shop in Cyberspace 978-1-55270-357-1 Incorporated $24.95
Steps to Starting a Recession-Proof Business: Where to Find Ideas and How to Start 978-1-55270-381-6 Incorporated $24.95
Steps to Starting a Successful Business in the Digital Age: How to use the Latest Technology to Turn Your Ideas into Money 978-1-55270-301-4 Incorporated $24.95
Steps to Starting a Successful Import Business: How to Find Products, Bring them into the Country and Make Money Selling Them 978-1-55270-358-8 Incorporated $24.95
Steps to Starting a Successful Retail Business: How to Find a Niche and Turn it into a Money Machine 978-1-55270-359-5 Incorporated $24.95
Stock Market Investing for Beginners: How to Increase Your Wealth In Uncertain Times 978-1-55270-446.2 Incorporated $24.95
Stock Market Panic! How to Prosper in the Coming Crash 978-1-896210-93-3 Dave Skarica $29.95
Streaming Video and Audio for Business: New Ways to Communicate With Your Customers, Employees and Shareholders Over the Internet 978-1-55270-302-1 Incorporated $24.95
SUCCESS is the Best Revenge - Gold Medal Career Management 978-0-920847-88-6 John Stewardson & BobEvans $39.95
Take Control of Your Money: Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan for the Rest of Your Life: American Edition 978-1-55270-080-8 Donald J. Davison $39.95
The Basics for Sales Success: An essential guide for new sales representatives, entrepreneurs and business people 978-1-896210-65-0 Bill Sobye $24.95
The Entrepreneur and the Business Idea 978-1-55270-089-1 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $14.95
The Glass Slipper: Smart Steps for Every Woman's Success in Running Her Own Business 978-1-55270-262-8 Shelley Peever & Layla Didmon $24.95
The Internet Job Search Guide 978-1-896210-63-6 Cathy Noble & Dan Noble $29.95
THE LEAN OFFICE: How to Use Just-in-Time Techniques to Streamline Your Office 978-1-896210-41-4 Jim Thompson $24.95
THE NET EFFECT - Will the Internet be a Panacea or Curse for Business and Society in the Next 10 Years? 978-1-896210-38-4 Iain Williamson $29.95
The Old Mission Academy: A Novel of One Charter School's Experiences Implementing Lean Education 978-1-896210-91-9 Thompson, J.K. $29.95
THE ONLINE WORLD - How to Profit from the Information Superhighway 978-0-920847-89-3 Mike Weaver & Odd De Presno $39.95
The "Please" and "Thank You" of Fundraising for Non-Profits: Fifteen Essential Ingredients for SUCCESS 978-1-55270-261-1 ArLyne Diamond $24.95
The Six Sigma Toolbox: 54 Improvement Tools and When to Use Them 978-1-55270-258-1 Jerry W. Wishes $48.95
The Small Business Guide to Increasing Your Sales Using eBay: Easy Ways to Expand into Domestic and Foreign Markets 978-1-55270-251-2 Incorporated


Timeless Strategies to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 978-1-55270-046-4 Lawrence Scott Troemel $29.95

Time Management for Beginners: How to Get the Most Out of Every Day

978-1-55270-453-0 Incorporated $19.99
Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to meet the challenges of starting and managing your own business 978-1-896210-85-8 Henry Kyambalesa $26.95
Training Your Board of Directors: A Manual for the CEOs, Board Members and Executives... 978-1-55270-207-9 ArLyne Diamond $39.95

Venture Capital Financing for Beginners: How to Raise Equity Capital from Venture Capitalists and Angels

978-1-55270-458-5 Incorporated $19.99
Web Marketing for Small & Home-Based Businesses: How to Advertise and Sell Your Products or Services Online 978-1-55270-119-5 Incorporated $24.95
Welcome to the Business World: A Guide to Help You Get Started in Your New Job 978-1-55270-147-8  V. Harvey  Mortensen $26.95
Welcome to the Fun World of Computers-Become a "Geek" in No Time! Neat Things You Can Do When You Buy a Computer 978-1-55270-120-1 Thomas P. Bun $19.95
Winning Over Depression: Bioenergetic Therapy to Overcome Sadness, Fear and Anger 978-1-55270-051-8 Dr. John R.M. Goyeche $24.95
Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit: Details of Practices that will Help Your Health, Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being 978-1-55270-056-3 Dr. John R.M. Goyeche $24.95
You Can Be Rich! 978-1-55270-255-0 Stuart Mathews $26.95
Your Homebased Business Plan -Also- Working With Your Banker 978-0-920847-35-0 Don Lunny $14.95
You're Hired....You're Fired! A Manager's Guide to Employee Supervision 978-1-55270-146-1 Deborah L. Whitworth $24.95
Youth Entrepreneurship 978-1-55270-094-5 Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series $24.95





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