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Innovate or Perish!

Seven-Step Innovation Process

to Meet the Challenges

of Globalization

By: Richard Sussman Sc.D.



The pressures for companies to stay ahead through rapid development of new technologies have never been greater. The theme of Innovate or Perish! is the development and execution of plans for innovation. The Seven-Step Innovation Process to Meet the Challenges of Globalization is explicitly designed to achieve those goals and answer the questions:

Is there a real methodology for innovation?

Can companies develop new products and processes by following a designed procedure?

This book is a complete manual for small and medium sized manufacturing companies to produce new products and processes that can enhance their competitive position. The unique Seven Step Innovation Process starts with the creation of a strategic innovation plan and then provides a system to evaluate the current products and manufacturing capabilities of a company. Methods are then proposed to select and execute the new developments in the most effective manner. Finally, the critical roles of outsourcing and executive management are reviewed.

This well-researched book is written in an engaging, anecdotal style so that difficult concepts are easy to follow. The target audience includes executives, management, and employees of manufacturing companies, regardless of their training. The book could also be used in college courses focused on innovation and project management.

Dr. Richard Sussman has a background as one of the top technical leaders in the steel industry with over forty publications and invited presentations. He has drawn on his experiences in directing several of the largest R&D departments combined with other technical groups. Elements of the Seven Step Innovation Process were created and successfully used in his last company. The numerous examples in the book are drawn from his actual experiences.


Innovate or Perish! by Richard Sussman, Sc.D. 242 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-253-6; Softcover: $49.95


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