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Crowdfunding for Beginners

How to Raise Money for Start-Ups, Early Stage

Enterprises, Charities and Non-Profits

By: Incorporated

More than $2.7 billion is being raised every year through crowdfunding. Most of the money is raised by charities and non-profits; as reward-based fundraising for books, theatre productions and lending for personal debt. Equity- crowdfunding is gaining traction in the UK, Australia and New Zealand but is struggling under a regulatory burden in the US and Canada. Softcover; 156 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-706-7  $24.95. MORE INFO 



Bank Financing for Beginners

How to Borrow Money to Grow Your Business

By: Incorporated


This book should definitely be on your reading list before you go charging into you bank in search of a business loan. Credit conditions may be tight, but this book should increase your chances of securing a bank loan.  Softcover; 114 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-459-2  published in 2012;  $19.99. MORE INFO









Venture Capital Financing for Beginners

How to Raise Equity Capital from Venture Capitalists and Angels

By: Incorporated


If you are already in business or about to start a business, this book will help you raise equity capital from traditional venture capitalists or from "angels".  Softcover; 110 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-458-5  published in 2012;  $19.99. MORE INFO







Business Financing for Beginners


Where to Find Money to Grow Your Dream 


By: Incorporated



How to determine how much money you really need and where to find it. Reviews bank and debt financing, equity financing and government assistance. Softcover; 146 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-355-7;  $24.95.  MORE INFO







Business Planning and Finances 

Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series

Business Planning and Finances takes a pragmatic and hands-on approach to business planning and financial management, and is written in straightforward language free of technical jargon. It includes a thorough review of the role of planning, the benefits to be realized from planning, and the use of a plan as a management aid.  174 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-091-4 Softcover $34.95 .  MORE INFO







Small Business Finance 

Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series

Small Business Finance was designed with the start-up business owner/manager in mind and provides a detailed overview of the organization and operation of a business from a financial perspective. Developed as a combination textbook and workbook, it takes the reader step-by-step through each element of a company’s finances from pre-startup costs all the way to record keeping and financial monitoring for an established business.  136 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-092-1 Softcover $29.95. MORE INFO






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