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Anybody Can Sell!


Sales Strategies to Increase

Your Business Profits


By: Don Varner





Anybody Can Sell! Sales strategies to increase your business profits

  • Covers creative marketing and sales presentations.

  • Hints on self-motivation and how to handle rejection.

  • Discuses different kinds of buyers and how to handle them.


1 - Learning to Discover Diamonds

2 - Creative Marketing

3 - Creating Presentations that Sell

4 - Trial Closings

5 - Self - Motivation

6 - Coping With FEAR!

7 - Handling Rejection

8 - Kinds of Buyers & How to Handle Them

9 - What Makes A Champion?

10 - Introduction to Selling.

11 - Sales - Cycle

12 - Successful Prospecting

13 - Cold Calling

14 - Giving Successful Presentations

15 - Handling Objections

16 - Closing Techniques

17 - Asking for Referrals

18 - Service After the Sale

19 - Troubleshooting Low Sales

Anybody Can Sell!  Sales Strategies to Increase Your Business Profits by: Don Varner; 102 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-004-4; Softcover: $18.95.   

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